Doc V’s Favorite Posts

My favorite posts from the semester (in no particular order) are:


This is one of my favorite posts, because I find it interesting how media critics are so quick to judge something as sexist, racist, ableist, etc…And where the lines become blurred between character voice and authorial voice. I think that marquezdoee made some good points, and tied it back to the course.


I like this post because it addresses what I think is one of the more interesting topics surrounding identity, and that is: Where is the line between celebrating sexuality and objectifying? And who decides? Very good topic and post.


This post went into the very interesting topic of armor for female characters in video games, and it started a lot of good discussion. I think that ability to start a meaningful conversation with a short blog post is challenging, and this was one of the best examples of it done right.


This post can stand in for many of Art3mis’s posts with regard to Twitch streaming and the really interesting (and disgusting) things that happen when anonymous users chat it up with gamers. I appreciate the candid reporting of the Twitch experiences, and the bravery to continue to log in and keep doing it despite the vocal minority who tried to discourage her. Thanks for the posts Art3mis!

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