How do you enjoy gaming?

You know how I can tell if I like a game or not? If I have a lot of fun playing a game then I will not be able to contain my excitement. I will lean forward if it is a handheld or PC game and if it is a console game then I usually end up standing up. I might even stand up playing handhelds and walk into walls if I get really excited. I don’t know if anyone else gets this way about something they are excited about. I know that sometimes people can’t sit still but I can’t even sit at all. Maybe I do it because I want to feel more like I’m a part of the game itself so I try and stand to pretend I’m a part of it and maybe I lean in because I figure if I get enough I will get stuck inside and become the avatar or main character of whatever game I’m playing. I feel like I want to become a part of another world because there is so much to explore and no limit to what you can do. That is probably why people try and model avatars they use after themselves or things they find familiar, this may give them added comfort and help them feel like they are actually experiencing these things. I think we are all secretly waiting for the day when we are able to project ourselves into our avatars and actually feel like we are playing a game. Video games are one way in which I escape from the things life throws at me because sometimes I don’t have the patience to deal with them. If I can’t see myself in a world though, if I don’t want to be a part of it, then I won’t find myself suddenly standing up walking very fast-paced or jumping up and down like crazy. I don’t just play games to escape from reality; it is also because they are fun. I am given a mission and I get great fulfillment seeing it out. If there is no mission to follow, then I just make my own and go from there. I will end this by asking you to wonder why it is that you play and how playing games or whatever it is that you find fun has affected you. I know I am not the same person I was before I discovered video games. Are you?

3 thoughts on “How do you enjoy gaming?

  1. Fascinating! It’s impossible for me to say how games have changed me, as I’ve been playing them pretty much as long as I can remember. However, perhaps since I started my gaming career by playing Spyro the Dragon and Mario (who are, at least I’d like to believe, not very similar to me in appearance), I’ve never cared much about making my characters look like me. Though my first World of Warcraft character (which I made probably at age 12 and used until around age 15, when I unsubscribed) was a brunette male like me, he also had a beard and long hair; meanwhile, my main character in Guild Wars is an elegant female Sylvari (kind of like an elf, if elves grew on trees- literally) with lovely multicolored leaf hair (again, I’d like to believe I don’t resemble her much).

  2. Everyone is different and for me personally my excitement comes from the length of time I’m willing to spend playing a game and how long I talk about it afterwards. I will go on for weeks about a game if I am truly enthralled. However, I have never wanted to see myself in a game in fact it is the opposite I always want to be encased in the character of someone else and live that person’s story for a while. I can’t wait for the technology to be developed where we can feel the game’s world as the character does but even then I will want to look through their eyes not my own.

  3. I can’t say I get quite as excited as you do but I definitely have had moments like that. Usually they are with friends though. Or for example, when we were playing mario kart and wii tennis in class, everyone was really excited and boisterous. I can’t really say that I’m the same when I’m playing by myself though. I mean, I definitely am excited when playing a game I’m really looking forward to but I don’t think I stand up or lean forward or anything. It’s really interesting that you do though XD

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