My Favorite Posts

In no particular order…

I really loved this post because of the psychological discussion and implications. I am very interested in the ways humans operating in virtual worlds that have laws and limitations different than the physical world affect our psyche. Furthermore how it may affect our actions in the physical world.

This post really interested me because I believe the preserving of history to be incredibly important. This post brought up the difficulties of preserving video game history and the maintaining the ability to revisit it in its true form. I think addressing this concern will be important for designers and the video game community as technology continues to progress forward.

This post just made me happy because video game music is awesome and under appreciated. As a pianist who loves to learn some of his favorite songs from video games, the amount of times I’ve been playing publicly and gotten, “that is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard” and I’m just thinking “AND YOU DONT EVEN UNDERSTAND THE CONTEXT! THE STORY!” is just waaaay too frequent.

This. Because Zelda is the greatest video game franchise of all time (please, try to tell me otherwise) and this post does an amazing job of pointing out just a few of the reasons why.

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