Quarters and Rising Expectations

For me, quarters was only a mediocre experience. I did not have many intense feelings of nostalgia nor did I find my interactions with the arcade environment were very interesting, I enjoyed some of the games I played and not others. One of the moments that did stick out to me was playing Galaga. I loved this game as a child and so I had hoped to have a good time revisiting it but I was a little disappointing. Really what was annoying to me was the clunky controls, questionable design choices, and intense difficulty simply due to technical limitations. I still enjoyed it and recognized that it was simply an aged game, but I thought I would have more fun with it. I’ve had a similar (but different) experience before when after playing Ocarina of Time 3D I had a lot of trouble playing the original N64 version. I’ve also tried to go back and play some of the games I missed because they were before my time or just escaped my notice as a young child and had trouble getting into them because of dated graphics, controls, and design choices that were made with significant technical restrictions. I considered and realized that with better game quality, my expectations have risen and I have I have trouble giving games that were once highly praised as much attention as more recent games of lower quality for their era.

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  1. I totally agree! I personally enjoyed the trip just because I didn’t realize there was such a place in Amherst but I do remember feeling frustration at some of the games because of how outdated and different they are in comparison to today’s games. But then again, those are what everyone played with back in the day. Now, we’re all just spoiled by all our fancy technology and smooth quality.

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