Remembering Remember Me

Remember Me was one of those games I played and I have not picked up since. That’s not because it was a bad game, but because I have not found a reason to replay it. The game was so linear that I knew how to find the game’s secrets for the most part with ease, all I had to do was go off the beaten path. I honestly started to lose focus on the game itself and started focusing more on the story in order to keep me going. For me all I need is some reason to play the game so giving me an objective can help me to keep playing. The most interesting part were the few times that you manipulated people’s memories in order to proceed because they were very interesting puzzle and I think the game could have been based solely on that. For a game called Remember Me many of the characters and settings seemed forgettable and the only characters that I remembered were the ones important for story and the occasional interesting encounter with someone like Kid Christmas who I thought was loads more fun that my character. That is not her fault though since her memories were wiped at the beginning of the game. Since she knows absolutely nothing about her abilities at the start, our ally Edge gives us a tutorial sequence to help us once again be able to kick butt. Although many times you will question why you trust this guy in the first place and why he needs you. I am not saying that this game was bad, because it was nowhere near close to the kind of terrible I have experienced in some games. I just felt it was okay, it could have been more but I at least did not fail as a game. I know that this was the first game created by these people and considering that they did a pretty decent job and they at least came up with some original and unique concepts that can actually be a lot of fun. I think that they will learn from what did not work here and consider it when making their next game. I wish them the best of luck and I will remember them for trying something different and trying to stand out from the crowd.

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