Sims a Masterpiece… until now

This is a game that I can play endlessly! You get to create characters, families, cities and watch them grow and take care of them all on your own. I have spent many hours watching over my little Sims, even setting my alarm clock to ensure that I can send them to work or school on time. The addictive aspect of the game is the fact that you have these ‘lives’ in your hand. However, that is a dangerous trait as it gives some people the ‘God complex’. I was never stricken by this complex and just love to see my characters flourish.

The good thing about this franchise of games is that it was very close to reality. There are a number of skin colors, hairstyles and clothes for you to chose from. The games did not excessively sexualize the characters as they are simply carrying out day to day activities.  You can go on dates, fall in love and get married just like in real life but instead of sexualized virtual characters you had animations that looked like real average people.

The complexity of this game is astonishing and I thought that it could continue to last through time.

However, Sims 4 brought with it increasing modifications and now there is an option to strip your Sim. Mods have run away with this feature and created genitals on their Sims. Sadly, the world that I once revered and thought of as sacred now has been reduced to virtual pornography like many other games.

2 thoughts on “Sims a Masterpiece… until now

  1. I’ve spent hours and hours playing Sims 2, Sims 3, and Sims Medieval, each with various expansion packs. That’s really disappointing that people have done this to such a beloved game, but this isn’t even all that new. I remember talking to a friend once about her brother who knew how to make the pixelated body-parts not be pixelated anymore. And maybe it’s not a bad thing for sims to have genitals. Sure it’ll be funny for a while, but then the player would probably get over it. The game will go back to being what it is loved for: giving you control in a world where the stakes are only as high as you want them to be.

  2. I have honestly been disappointed with the Sims 4 for a while now. What is with the loss of open neighborhood, so many loading screens, and just everything in general. It just seems like a step back from the Sims 3, of which I am a huge fan. Also, no toddlers?! This is the first I’ve heard of the Stripping option, though… But yeah, mods go crazy with this stuff all the time, unfortunately… You’ve got to be careful with those, honestly. Also, I don’t know if that would forcibly reduce it to virtual pornography when it’s not included in the game. Players are reducing their own individual games, but luckily, the general game seems intact (although not as cool as The Sims 3). I agree that it’s unfortunate that stuff like this happens, though.

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