The Quarters and Physical Interactive Gaming

I spent a lot of my time at The Quarters playing Tapper, and Burger Quest. There’s really something to be said for a game the you must stand in front of, pulling levers to move up and down or side to side. There’s also something to be said for trying to figure out how to play with very few instructions– no in-depth tutorial, just a “here’s jump. Now go!”

To put it simply, I really enjoyed being in a group of people, splitting off to physically go play arcade games. People in my age demographic are less likely to be good at these games, so I don’t feel so bad when everyone is losing. I may not be able to compete in console games, but if button-mashing can actually be part of the goal, I’m so in.

There’s also the idea that to play one of these games with someone, you must be in the same room. That hasn’t been nearly so necessary since the Internet let you play with others all around the world. Having to inhabit the same physical space changes how you play the game. You see how they move, what they focus on, how they react.

Having the Quarters around was a nice opportunity for nostalgic (and just regular) fun. I will definitely be going back, especially on one of the trivia nights.

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