Gaming With Friends

When I was growing up, I played a few video games, but I played them by myself. My friends weren’t interested in them or they consisted of, like, Mario Kart once in junior year of high school. So, while I […]

Quarters Field Trip

I’d never been to an arcade before, so I didn’t really have any associations going in or ideas of what to expect. It was very crowded and I think they could benefit from having a bigger space, but other than […]

Nostalgia and Mario Kart

With Mario Kart projected onto the screen in front of everyone, and the whole class cheering along with the players, it’s hard to not get involved and caught up in the excitement. I found myself really enjoying watching the competition, […]

My Romulan Has No Friends

aka: ‘This is a Post About Being Intimidated By MMORPGs.’ There’s a difference between co-op games and MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games), and I really liked CC’s post a while back about how co-op games are a way […]

Copyright vs Creativity

What is digital ownership? This question came up in discussion today, and with good reason. Every so often, some new, seemingly-devastating measure is proposed to crack down on piracy, impose certain types of censorship, or control the internet in one […]