Favorite Blog Posts

Favorite Blog Posts in no particular order: Art3mis, Wu, and I’m So Done With Everything by emilycp http://wp.me/p5HJ2j-aN Reason: It gives me a more personal account of real life people, students that are in the same class as me that […]

Making Friends Through Games

When I was in high school, I played a Chinese MMORPG called Perfect World (North American version: Perfect World International). I created a guild with the aim of becoming one of the top guilds in the newly created server (we […]

Slaves as Currency

The game brings to light the dark side of history of the western hemisphere: slavery. I have to give the developers credit for bringing up this part of history and giving us a visual and interactive account of the past. […]

Quarters at The Quarter.

Enter the arcade. As many others may have had, I had a wave of nostalgia unsurprisingly. However, this feeling went away not even a few minutes later; I became confused. As this was a class field trip, we had an […]