Brianna Wu and Gamergate

Before I went to the Brianna Wu talk, I had not heard much about Gamergate at all. I had done a little bit of reading beforehand, but still wasn’t entirely what the “movement” was. I did know, however, that Brianna […]

The Quarters and Interface

Let me just preface this overview of my experience by stating that, at the time of the field trip, I was in the midst of my mono affliction. That is, I was tired, grumpy, and always uncomfortably warm. My physical […]

FIFA and Price-Fixing

So I don’t know how many of you out there play FIFA Ultimate Team, but ever since Christmas-time last year, I have been hooked. Basically, the concept is you start out with a team of all bronze(ie, bad) players, and […]

Connecting to Conway

For me, Kentucky Route Zero was an extremely interesting experience. Even though, as the class discussed last week, you’re not actually making choices that will change the result of the narrative, I found the choices that I could make were […]

Legend of Zelda

In a world where both male and female characters in video games are frequently over-sexualized, I find that the entire Legend of Zelda series is a refreshing break. Link, the main protagonist throughout the cross-console series, is not a “manly” […]