Freedom Cry Reaction

I wasn’t hugely excited booting up Freedom Cry. I’ve grown used to the Assassins Creed franchise, and it has gotten to the point where playing the games has become a chore for the most part. I don’t buy them anymore, […]

Grinding is Good

I’ve been playing a lot of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate recently, and as anyone who has played the Monster Hunter series knows, that means I’ve been doing a lot of grinding. Grinding for weapons, grinding for armor, grinding for supplies, […]

Brianna Wu Reaction

Brianna Wu’s talk was an interesting experience for me. A lot of her points in the talk were around “no duh” level. Obviously there is a significant gap in experience between women and men in the tech industry. It’s harder […]

A Post on My Favorite Posts

Disclaimer: This is a post tied to my blog assessment. I’ll be talking about some of my favorite posts from the blog! Awkward Reunions – Familicide in Metal Gear Solid (MASSIVE SPOILERS) I really liked this post mostly for one big […]