A Few Thoughts on Hashtag Activism

During our class discussion on Gamer Gate and whether it “mattered,” I was reminded of hashtag activism, a concept I encountered last year. My first exposure to hashtag activism came in the form of #CancelColbert by self-proclaimed hashtag activist, Suey […]

Gamify Your Life

To preface, I get very anxious about remembering things. I try physical planners and schedulers and to-do apps on my phone but I always find myself slipping up, forgetting to check it, etc. That is, until I discovered HabitRPG. HabitRPG […]

The Limits of Male Eye Candy

A few weeks ago, during a class discussion on the sexualization of video game characters, someone mentioned the upcoming Final Fantasy mobile game that got considerable attention for its scantily-dressed male protagonist, Wal: But now, according to recent news, they’ve […]

Dying in a digital age

It speaks to some morbid part of me that, “What happens when I die?” is one of my most frequent late night Google searches. When I was in high school, the most common results involved religion, spirituality, maybe some neuroscience. In […]