Brianna Wu & Empathy

Brianna Wu’s talk carried a lot of really important messages, but I think among the most fundamental for people here and on the internet to realize was that Empathy is a learned trait, not something that can and should come […]

Sexism & The Witcher

I have to say that as a fan of the Witcher games, the casual sexism that leaks into them has always seemed really peculiar. A series of RPGs developed by CD Projekt Red, they’re based on a Polish fantasy novel […]

The Trip to Quarters

Quarters was a fascinating experience for me, reminding me of when I was much younger going to the arcade on Coney Island in New York City. There, I played very retro games with my twin brother, and we’d always have […]

Life is Strange & Dontnod Entertainment

Life is Strange is a pretty cool game. The second outing of the fledgeling studio Dontnod Entertainment, you can clearly see the same design philosophy that surrounded Remember Me on display here: They find a central conceit, such as memory […]

Remember Me & A Developing Studio

During Spring Break, I had the pleasure to experience Dontnod Entertainment’s game Remember Me. Offering incredible science fiction visuals and a story that promises complex interaction with themes of memories and identity, I had high expectations for the game, expectations […]

Mass Effect 3 and Linked Multiplayer

Mass Effect 3 presents an interesting conundrum. For a lot of people that play games with both singleplayer and multiplayer components, they often spend their time ignoring one or the other. They do the campaign once and never play it […]

Playing Games with my Dad

I’ve played games with my Dad ever since I was very little. In fact, if it wasn’t for him, I’m not sure I would’ve gotten into gaming at all. He was the one that got us our first console, a […]