My Quarters Experiance

Going to Quarters was not fun for me. I don’t like loud spaces – or dark, crowded, sweaty spaces for that matter. But my experience did remind me of a huge aspect of gaming – escapism. The ability to forget […]

Roleplay: Taking CYOA to Another Level

What are the boundaries of narrative? In an RPG (nominally a role-playing game, but in reality, not quite) like Assassin’s Creed, you make decisions, but the decisions don’t change much. In a role-playing story like a Choose Your Own Adventure novel, […]

Playing a Female Character

This is somewhat inspired by this post here: I’ve been thinking a lot about avatars recently- how I present myself in games. In the post above, the author mentioned how he believed most people to want to create versions of […]

Sims a Masterpiece… until now

This is a game that I can play endlessly! You get to create characters, families, cities and watch them grow and take care of them all on your own. I have spent many hours watching over my little Sims, even […]

Papers, Please let me win PLEASE

This game annoyed me significantly. No matter what I did my family would die or I would get penalized. I refused to give up and I played over and over to no avail. I found myself questioning my moral compass […]

The Single-Player Experience

I enjoy playing games. In fact, for the majority of my high school career, that was my most common pastime, outside my extracurriculars. I heard similar stories from other people in the class- some were, and still are, even more […]

The Big Game

I remember the discussion we once had about the rules of social interaction we experienced in our youth.  I couldn’t help but think of how different my experiences were from the rest of the class.  Most people spoke of a […]